Responsibility Program

At Bendle Middle School we believe that teachers have the right to teach and students have the right to learn in a safe and orderly setting. Additionally, students are responsible for their own actions and must be taught to respect the rights of others. No student has the right to disrupt school, regardless of where they are, especially if they are preventing other students from learning or are threatening the safety and rights of others.

When students disrupt the educational setting, they are redirected with questions that prompt them to think about what they are doing. They will compare their actions with school rules and procedures. If they persist in breaking the rules, they have lost their privilege to be where they are and are then referred to the Response to Intervention (RTI) room. Students stay there until they indicate that they are willing to follow the expected procedures. The students work out a behavior plan, guided by the RTI Facilitator. They use their completed plan to “negotiate” with the staff member who made the referral. Following a successful negotiation, they may return to regular school routines (classroom, lunchroom, etc…). Students usually are permitted to go to all other classes and areas where they have acted responsibly. 

Parents should expect to be contacted only when their child has developed a pattern of disruptions. If the pattern continues, an intervention meeting will be held for the student.

Major violations and persistent disregard for school rules will continue to be handled according to regular disciplinary procedures.

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